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The straw chaff cutter belongs to a multi-purpose fresh straw stalking machine, a dry straw chaff cutter, a hoe storage chaff cutter, a corn hoe chaff cutter, and the like, and is a chaff cutter that is professionally researched by farmers. For the farmers to solve the problem of straw waste during feeding, the chaff cutter is basically used to act on crop straws, which are treated with corn stalks, wheat straw, straw and other crops, and are mechanically crushed by smashing, cutting, etc. Feed processing equipment for livestock, cattle, sheep, horses and deer feed.
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Whenever we reach the season of harvesting, corn stalks, peanut stalks, and other crop stalks are a headache for farmers’ friends. Since the emergence of chaff cutter, our crop stalks have appeared. The nemesis solves the problem of nowhere to stack. The chaff cutter tells that these crop straws are cut into the same length and are used by our animal husbandry industry, such as cattle, sheep and pigs, as feces.