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Why do we cooperate with Nigeria for so many years?

Nigeria, an agricultural country, is our long-time cooperation partner as well. We engage in producing agricultural machines for many years, enjoying far-reaching reputation at home and abroad. Yesterday, 20GP and 40GP agricultural machines such as multifunctional threshers, chaff cutter, hydraulic silage baling machine, etc. were delivered to Nigeria again, which is the second time that we sold such a great quantity number of machines there. Our workers are packing machines in the following pictures.

Which machine do we sale this time?

They are the packing details about multifunctional thresher that can be used for threshing corn, millet, sorghum and beans, changing different screens to fit for different raw materials. Compared with other threshers, it bears more functions and is favored by most farmers, especially in the African markets.

From the above pictures, you can clearly see the inner structure of it. The third picture shows us the rollers, which thresh the corn seeds from cob but not to exert any damage to seeds themselves.

They are vacuum dewatering machine, applying to cassava starch production line that usually extracts dry starch from cassava, and the raw material also can be potato and sweet potato. The big size makes it not easy to transport, that’s why the hoist is needed in the third picture. The final product can be used to feed animals.

They are hydraulic double oil cylinders silage baling machine, and crushed grass baled by this machine can be stored for a long time. Of course, we also have 3 oil cylinders baling machine and other types, and you can contact us to know more.

Silage cutting and recycling machine, a useful farmer for all farmers. It is not only able to cut corn straw, but to crush them into small pieces at the same time that can be dropped into field again to increase the nutrition of soil. You don’t need to buy straw cutter machine again, saving money and energy.

There were so many machines to be delivered yesterday that I can not talk all machine for you one by one, please view our website to know more machine you are interested in, and we will try our best to make you satisfied!

For Agriculture, For Farmer, for a better life ! please do not hesitate to send an inquiry to us whatever you are a farmer or dealer. To make farmer’s life become more and richer is our ultimate goal.