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It is the farmers who benefit greatly from the feed grinder equipment. Our feed grinder equipment has the advantages of simple operation, stable quality, high quality and low price, easy replacement of worn parts, reliable performance, etc., so the farmers who buy the machine benefit greatly.

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Straw has a high crude fiber content and is very suitable for feeding livestock. Because of the different straws, it is also necessary to choose which kind of livestock to feed. Straw is very suitable for feeding cattle and sheep because of the stomach and small livestock of cattle and sheep. The structure of the stomach is different. The straw feeding should be selected well. If the feed is good, you must choose a good feed grinder equipment.

The feed grinder equipment can smash the straw into scraps at one time. The animals can be eaten directly or used together with other feeds. This avoids the waste of cattle and sheep in eating, and makes the animals easy to digest, and also improves the production of workers. effectiveness.