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Rice destoner machine is indispensable equipment for cleaning and cleaning of flour mill. It is mainly used to remove the side-stones mixed with wheat to reduce the sand content and guarantee the quality of the flour.

If the working principle and operation of the stone removal machine are unknown, it is undoubtedly not conducive to improving the technical effect of Rice destoner machine.

Rice Destoner Machine1Rice Destoner Machine2

The stone screen is the main working organization of Rice destoner machine

When material after entering to the stone surface, because of the difference of stone and wheat side-by-side suspension speed, at the right under the joint action of vibration and the increased flow, smaller wheat was floating in the upper suspension speed, suspension speed larger stone sank to the bottom side by side close to the screen surface, form the automatic grading phenomena, due to the effect of air flow at the same time, the material between the voltage increases, decrease the positive pressure and the friction between the material layer.

In the state of fluidization, which further promotes the formation of automatic classification. Suspension speed of the smaller upper material in gravity, inertia force, air flow, and continuous feeding, driven by the following layer material for sliding surface, relative to the surface of stone screen fell to wheat exports, in the process of the upper slipping, suspension speed larger side stone etc sundry gradually separated from the material layer into the lower level, the lower the stones and no suspension of wheat under the action of vibration along the screen surface smooth, including wheat continuously into the upper half suspension state.

When the top of the sieve is reached, the underlying material contains little wheat. The wheat is driven back into the wheat stream by a blowback, and the stones continue to climb up and out of the outfall.