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1. Turn on the mixer first, then Turn on the crushing motor.
2. Pay attention to see whether the mixer is rotating forward. If it is reversed, you should reconnect the switch wire, the wire in the middle and the left and right sides.
3. Feed crushing and mixing machine can rotate forward by adjusting the wire with any direction.
It is not necessary to pay attention to whether crushing motor rotates forward or reversely.
4. Operator Just pours the raw material into the machine, which can be absorbed automatically.

Feed Mixing Machine 2
5. Adjust the white iron tube outside the suction tube. The speed of feeding can be changed by up and down adjustment. It will be faster by upward adjustment, and slower by downward adjustment.
6. Keep the lowest point of the white iron tube at 5cm from the bottom of mixing machine animal feed .
7. Add raw materials that do not require to crush, Open the auxiliary hopper board. The operation is completed.
8. Just turn off the feed mixing machine, wait for the mixer to stir for 3-5 minutes.
9. Discharging the output, then turn off the mixer after discharging.

Feed Mixing Machine 1