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Wheat is a gramineous plant, a cereal crop that is widely cultivated all over the world. The caryopsis of wheat is one of the staple foods of human beings. After being ground into flour, people can use flour to make bread, steamed bread, biscuits, noodles, and other foods. After fermentation, it can be made into beer, alcohol, liquor, or biomass fuel. A wheat planter can help farmers plant wheat easily,

Cultivation Techniques

  1. Choose good varieties. Select the seeds in accordance with the requirements of “high yield, high quality, strong disease resistance, and suitable for planting in this region”.
  2. Apply enough fertilizer. Sufficient farmyard manure and chemical fertilizers can make the soil more suitable for planting crops. Spread farmyard manure and chemical fertilizer should before making soil preparation and you should make the fertilizer deep into the soil in time.
  3. Make fine land preparation. The quality of soil is directly related to the quality of sowing. The plots that are often sown by rotary tillage or no-tillage machines must be turned deeply once more than 3 years; the straw directly returned to the field should be finely broken, and it is necessary to forbid the long broken straw.
  4. Seed treatment. The seeds which are not wrapped in medicine should be treated to prevent pests and diseases, and you should use higher quality of pesticide to mix them.
  5. Sow in right time. The suitable sowing date is October 5-13. After sowing, use stone rollers to compact and protect the moisture, so as to facilitate the emergence of wheat seedlings.
  6. Chemical weeding and wheat field chemical control. Before jointing, wheat has the strongest drug resistance and people can spray chemicals for chemical weeding.
  7. Apply fertilizer to the above-ground part of the plant. The absorption capacity of the root system in the late stage of wheat is getting worse and worse, and the leaf fertilization can be carried out in time during the flowering period to promote the health of the plant, enhance the light and ability of the leaves, and improve the resistance of wheat to disease and dry hot wind.

What is wheat planter

Wheat planter is a kind of mechanical equipment for planting wheat seeds in the land through a planting mechanical system. It is mainly driven by a tractor to implement planting and is equipped with fertilizing machinery. The wheat planter can choose different rows according to customer needs. The wheat planter is suitable for fertilizing and seeding wheat in plains and hilly areas. It has the characteristics of good general performance, a wide application range, and uniform seeding.

Repair and maintenance of wheat planter

  1. Remove the dirt and oil on the machine and the seeds and fertilizer in the seed box and fertilizer box.
  2. Dismantle the wear parts such as openers, gears and sprockets, remove dust and oil, and repair or replace damaged parts. Coat the rust-prone parts with anti-rust oil, and then reassemble or store them separately.
  3. Clean the bearings and rotating parts, and add enough lubricating oil to each lubrication part.
  4. Anti-rust paint should be repainted on the painted parts.
  5. Loosen chains, tapes, springs, etc., and keep them in a natural state to avoid deformation.
  6. Set the opener off the ground. Park the machine in a dry and ventilated warehouse. Plastic and rubber parts should be protected from sunlight and oil to avoid accelerated aging.