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rice transplanter machine

Rice is the main food crop in our country. With the development of science and technology, artificial planting of rice has been gradually replaced by machines-rice transplanter machine. This machine not only improves productivity but also reduce labor cost.8 Row Rice Transplanter2 1 291X300 1

the methods of installing install rice transplanter machine

1.  Open the wooden box and then take goods out of the box one by one

2. Place the whole on the wooden box for easy installation

3. Remove the screws that hold the seedling frame

4. Install seedling frame, find a suitable location and fix screws

5. Remove 4 screws on the seedling frame that fixes seedling tray

6.Install seedling tray, find the corresponding position of the seedling tray respectively and fix screws

7.Install joystick, loosen positioning screws and insert into the hole

8.Straighten the chain when installing the chain, and then put on the gear

9. Straighten the chain after installing until appropriate range, corresponding two gears should be on the same line and then fix them

10.Tighten all screws after installation Shake the installed machine to make sure smooth operation

11.Shake the installed machine to make sure smooth operation