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combined rice harvesting machine is a commonly used equipment in modern agricultural production. Due to the complicated mechanical parts of the combined rice harvester, its operating efficiency and the service life have a great relationship with the daily maintenance of users. If the farmers are good at daily maintenance, it will be used for a long time.

Maintenance of self-propelled combined rice harvesting machine

  1. Cleaning: Thoroughly remove sundries on rollers, concave plates, shaking plates and cleaning screens before working. Remove blockages on the rotating parts of the reel, cutter, belt and chain.
  2. Cleaning: The temperature is very high during the wheat harvest season, and youmust be ensured that the engine radiator has good ventilation performance. After the radiator is cleaned, it should be rinsed with water with a certain pressure or cleaned with a brush. Make sure there are no debris between the radiator grid.
  3. Check
  4. Whether the cutter of rice harvesting machineis damaged and whether the fastening parts are loose.
  5. Check whether the ribs, concave plates and roller bearings are loose, and adjust and replace them in time.
  6. Whether the tension of the angle belt and the chain is appropriate, and whether the pulley and sprocket are loose.
  7. D.Check the oil level of the hydraulic system oil tank.
  8. E.Check the water level and oil level of the engine,water tank, fuel tank and diesel engine.

Maintenance of tractor-driven combine wheat harvester

  1. The radiator and air filter should be cleaned every day, and all the debris inside should be cleaned up when cleaning.
  2. The air filter is very easy to block, which will reduce the power of the engine and emit black smoke. It should be cleaned every day.
  3. Pay attention to check the oil level, fuel quantity and cooling water volume of the water tank. If the engine load is too large and the water temperature is too high, it should be stopped to cool down or replace the cooling water during work.
  4. Clean up the dust,wheat straw and other debris accumulated on the various parts of the machine, especially remove the debris on the transmission components.
  5. Lubricate all parts.
  6. Start the engine, make the unit run at low speed, listen carefully for abnormal sounds. After a comprehensive inspection and adjustment, the rice harvesting machinecan work normally.