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In order to ensure the efficiency and stability of the maize planting machine for sale, you should adjust the main components according to the actual local conditions before work.

Corn Planter Machine
Corn Planter Machine

Reasonable use of seed sprocket

According to the manual of the maize planter and the actual needs of the local area, you need to adjust the number of plantings and use the seed sprockets reasonably. The degree of slip of the corn planter wheel is related to the soil humidity, soil quality, and debris on the surface. It requires you to check whether the plant spacing meets the standards. For those that do not meet the requirements, you should change the seeder sprocket.

The amount of fertilizer should be reasonable

The amount of fertilizer should be reasonably applied according to the variety of corn. It can be achieved by adjusting the length of the external sheave. When using a fertilizer drainer, check whether the amount of fertilizer discharged by it is appropriate.

Adjust the depth of the sowing part

The depth of fertilization has a certain effect on the growth of corn plants. Therefore, adjust the fertilizer opener to a suitable depth before work to ensure the effectiveness of sowing and fertilization. At the same time, adjust soil cover and cracking mechanism properly.

What should you note when using maize planting machine for sale?

  1. Pay attention to the rotation speed of the corn planter and check whether the sound of the engine and transmission parts is normal.
  2. Observe whether there are entanglement and blockage.
  3. Some advanced corn seeders are equipped with video monitoring equipment. If an abnormality occurs, it can be found in the cab in time. At this time, you should observe the abnormality of the video image on the display screen. Observe whether the warning light of the fault sensor is on. If not, it should be handled in a timely manner, which can avoid damage to the corn planting machine.

What should do after using the corn planting machine?

  1. After using a maize planting machine for sale, you should clean the debris and soil on the surface of the machine.
  2. Take out all the seeds in the seedbox.
  3. Drain all the fertilizer in the fertilizer box and collect them.
  4. Clean out The soil on the soil opener
  5. lubricate the transmission parts, put the maize planter in a dry area for storage.