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Grain crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment used to break all kinds of grain. The purpose of grain crushing is to increase the grain size and surface area, and increase the palatability of the feed, which is suitable for digestion. At the same time the grain crusher operation efficiency is higher, the quality is better.
To ensure smooth use, it is essential to check before work, we can start from the following aspects.
Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher2Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher1 1
1.The parameters of the grain crusher produced by the manufacturer may not be what the user wants, so it is best to adjust them after trial operation.
2.Inspect all parts of the fasteners and pulley. Make sure they all work properly.
3.For grain crusher, the function of triangular belt is very important. The degree of relaxation directly affects the efficiency of grain crushing.
4.Finally, check whether the motor can operate normally and the lubrication degree of each rotating part. If the oil is insufficient, it should be added in time; otherwise, the wear degree of the rotating parts will be increased and the service life of the equipment will be reduced.