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At the beginning of this month, we shipped a lettuce seed seedling machine and mixer to Russia. Such a set of fully automated lettuce cultivation equipment has helped to improve the efficiency of their greenhouses.

Background of the customer’s needs

A strong lettuce-growing greenhouse operator in Russia has a fully automated robotic sprinkler system and implements mobile growing in the greenhouses.

Faced with old nursery seeding machines that were outdated and needed to be operated manually, the decision was made to seek a solution with greater efficiency and precision.

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Fully automated lettuce seed seedling machine

The customer chose our innovative PLC model of lettuce seed nursery machine, equipped with a fully automated mixer for mixing substrate soil.

This machine not only improves productivity but also significantly reduces labor costs. The machine was customized for the hole sketches provided by the customer to ensure the accuracy of the planting holes.

Machine advantages are obvious

Our lettuce seedling nursery machine features fully automated operation, which saves a lot of labor costs and improves work efficiency.

The customer provided us with perfect customization requirements by sending the hole trays and sketches, and we also provided the test drive video and machine pictures in time, which was appreciated by the customer.