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The maintenance of various chaff cutter is basically the same.

① Before the operation, check and adjust the components according to the regulations, and then carry out the work after meeting the technical requirements.

② The moving and fixed blades should always keep the cutting edge sharp, otherwise they should be disassembled and sharpened.

Small Chaff Cutter2Small Chaff Cutter1

③ After each month of use, the bearings on both sides of the main shaft and the bearings on both sides of the feed roller shaft should be removed and cleaned, re-injected with grease, and then installed. If there are oil filling holes in other rotating parts, always use grease gun to fill grease during use.

④ When the chaff cutter is deactivated, the surface dust and dirt should be erased. If the parking time is long, cover it with a tarpaulin to prevent the machine from rusting. If the parking time is long or not used after the season, the machine should be fully maintained and placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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