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Promoting agricultural green development is a profound revolution in agriculture, and it is also the main direction of structural reform on the agricultural supply side. Nigeria is a large agricultural country. There is three focus for Nigeria in the next following years, that is, optimizing the spatial development pattern, adjusting the regional industrial layout, and promoting green development. Such a focus can really promote the development of agricultural machines.

The importance of promoting green development of agriculture

From a practical perspective, promoting green development of agriculture is the key to ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products. Meanwhile, it can enhance the competitiveness of the international market, and promote the growth of farmers’ income. Therefore, to accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, we must focus on promoting the green development of agriculture as the core.

How to promote the green development of agriculture?

  1. It requires innovative mechanisms to form an effective and restrictive institutional environment. Among them, it is an important aspect to improve the agricultural support and protection system and establish a green ecology-oriented agricultural subsidy system.
  2. Farmers are objectively required to adopt resource-saving and environment-friendly green production practices.
  3. The government should give appropriate subsidies. For example, subsidies for the agricultural machines including multifunctional threshers, planter machines, and harvester machines.
  4. We should adhere to the combination of green leadership and overall consideration. The construction of a green agricultural subsidy system should be guided by a new development concept and green ecology. We should set the goals as ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products, promoting the efficient use of agricultural resources, and protecting the ecological environment. By doing so, we can achieve sustainable development.
  5. We must insist on the combination of positive incentives and negative incentives.

To strengthen the following four aspects

  1. Strengthen technical support. Solid technical support is a necessary condition for the implementation of the green agricultural subsidy system.
  2. Improve the standard. A complete standard system of green agriculture is an important foundation for the implementation of agriculture subsidy.
  3. Strengthen supervision. A sound supervision system and environment monitoring system are necessary.
  4. Improve organizational security. An efficient management system is an inevitable requirement for the smooth implementation of subsidy system.