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Rice Mill Machine

A rice mill is a machine that peels and grinds brown rice. To ensure the operational efficiency of the rice mill and increase the service life of the machine, we need to know the operation methods and Rice Milling Machine 1maintain it.

How to operate a rice mill machine?

1. Foreign materials in the feed hopper and the whitening room must be cleaned up.
2. When starting up, wait for the equipment to run normally after empty, and then feed into the processing.
3. Reasonably choose supporting power in use. In this way, it can not only ensure the full functionality of the rice mill but also save electricity and improve efficiency.
4. Adjustment of entrance and exit gates. When the entrance gate is opened and the exit gate is closed, the grains of the whitening chamber increase, and the pressure increases. The beige is white, but there is more broken rice.
5. Rice sieve adjustment. If you find whole rice mixed in the fine bran during your work, you should check the rice sieve for leaking rice.
6. After the production is completed, the inlet gate should be closed first, and after another one minute of operation, after the rice in the rice milling room is finished, all the materials are cleared and then closed.

Precautions of using a rice mill machine

  1. Pay attention to check whether there are steel nails, stones, and other contaminants in the rice, in order to prevent it from entering the whitening room and causing blockage or damage to the rice sieve.

2. Solve the inspection of rice sieve, rice knife, barrel core, and other parts before starting to see if the anchor bolts and nuts are tightened.

3. Rotate the drum before starting to check whether there is a jam.

4. When starting, first run to all normal speed ratios with no load, and then dump the rice into the hopper, and pay attention to the running status of the rice mill anytime, anywhere.

5. After the daily work is completed, an inspection of the rice mills and service facilities is carried out, and it is found that the problems are properly handled to ensure that the rice mills are often intact.

6. If the machine is left too long, it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt

7. The machine should be maintained in time and lubricated regularly