Peruvian customers order a batch of agricultural machinery from our factory every year. This year, another 40HQ container of agricultural machinery was ordered.

Machine order details

This Peruvian customer is an old customer we cooperated with. Different agricultural machinery will be ordered every year. The machines he ordered this year include 20 guillotine grinders, 5 fish feed machines, 21 corn peeling and threshers, 100 wheat threshers, 10 flat die pellet machines, and other types of rice and wheat threshers.

Functions of machines

Combined chaff cutter and corn crusher

The model of the chaff cutter purchased by the customer is 9ZF-500B, and the output of the machine is 800-1200kg/h. The 20 machines are electric motors and gasoline engines. In addition, we have customized power support for customers. This machine can cut all kinds of grasses and smash all kinds of grains. Just replace the screen when processing different materials.

Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher
chaff cutter and grain crusher

Fish Food Pellet Machine

Our feed pellet machine purchased by the customer is TRP-70, and the output Capacity: 100-150kg/h. This kind of feed pellet machine we have a motor type and diesel engine type. The customer bought the motor type. This machine can produce all kinds of aquatic feed, such as fish feed, shrimp feed, catfish feed, etc. The fish feed pellets produced are from 1mm-12mm. Different molds can be used to produce different shapes of feed. In addition, the customer chose 7 molds, namely 2mm, 4mm, 6mm of round shape, fish shape, and the following 3 shapes in red.

Fish Feed Making Machine
fish feed making machine

Multifunctional thresher

The thresher purchased by the customer is multi-functional. It is our newly researched product. He has double air cleaning, and the grains after threshing are very clean and there are no extra impurities. This customer bought 21 multifunctional threshers, which he used to thresh corn. The 21 corn peeling and threshers are motor and gasoline, engine models. The output of this machine is 1-1.5t/h

Multifunction Thresher
multifunction thresher

Rice and wheat thresher

The model of rice and wheat thresher machine purchased by the customer is Model: SL5T-50 and the output is 400-500 kg/h. In addition, large tires and hand supports are customized for customers.

Wheat Thresher
wheat thresher

Feed pellet mill machine

Our flat die pellet machine can produce all kinds of animal feed. The model purchased by the customer is TR-300. It is also possible to change the mold to produce a feed of different diameters. The feed produced can be fed to cattle. Feed the sheep, feed the horse, etc.

Pellet Mill
Pellet Mill

Last one is other type rice and wheat thresher

The customer bought the 5TD-50, the output is 400-600kg/h. We can customize large tires and hand supports for customers. This machine can thresh rice and wheat.

Rice And Wheat Thresher
rice and wheat thresher

Production and packaging

After receiving the deposit from the customer, we started to produce the machine. As a powerful agricultural machinery manufacturer, we not only customize the machine according to the customer’s needs but the quality of each machine is also praised by the customer because the customer has purchased the machine 7 times from us. After the production is completed, the machine is packaged to avoid damage to the machine during sea transportation.


After receiving the full payment from the customer, the customer also booked the warehouse and we arranged the shipment, and all the machines were filled with a 40HQ cabinet.