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In large and medium-sized sprinkler irrigation, the annular sprinkler irrigation machine accounts for about 90%. Watering crops are mainly alfalfa, potatoes, corn, oatmeal, etc. Farmland irrigation comes from surface water or groundwater, and it is applied in a single well, multi-well pooling, settling reservoir, adjusting reservoir, etc. The reel-type machine length of the circular sprinkler irrigation machine is mostly 200-330 meters. The span number is 3-6 spans, and each irrigated area is 12-34 hectares. The translational sprinkler irrigation machine is 100-300 meters in length, and the span number is 2-5 spans. Most, irrigated area is 5-34 hectares; the single-span is 40, 50, 55, 60 m long.

How to Operate A Sprinkler Irrigation System?

The actual operation button layout of the above-ground sprinkler irrigation system is shown in the hand operator diagram. (the specific layout is based on the product)

The manual operation method of sprinkler irrigation machine

Manual operator function key selection buttons: forward running button, reverse running button, stop running button, 1# water inlet valve button, 2# water inlet valve button, variable speed knob.

Remote control operation

Press the A button on the remote control to move the irrigation machine forward

Press B to go backward

Press the C key to run the sprinkler in the future

Press the D key to terminate (the above ABCD is an example, the actual key is subject to the product)

When the remote control fails, please check and replace the rechargeable battery of the controller. (The controllers of different manufacturers’ supporting facilities are likely to be different in display information, but the actual effect is the same.)

What Role Does Mobile Sprinkler Irrigation Play in Agricultural Greenhouses

The greenhouse sprinkler irrigation is an ordinary double-arm self-propelled sprinkler with high sprinkler irrigation uniformity. The nozzle status can be adjusted according to the purpose of use. In addition to conventional irrigation, it can also perform various tasks such as fertilization and testing.

The sprinkler irrigation machine is controlled by a microcomputer and magnetism. And It is equipped with a remote control device, which has a high degree of automation. Hanging it on the double-track pipe on the upper part of the greenhouse, it can be realized forward operation, reverse operation, continuous sprinkler irrigation. The corresponding forward sprays reverse spray, and reciprocating spray according to the user’s choice. The sprinkler irrigation machine is a double-arm sprinkler irrigation pipe. Each nozzle has three nozzles with different flow rates and atomization degrees. You can select the appropriate nozzle by turning the nozzle slightly.

You can choose to use the sprinkler transfer system. The sprinkler can irrigate more and more so that one sprinkler can complete the multi-span greenhouse irrigation task to save.

Sprinkler Irrigation In Agricultural Greenhouses
Sprinkler Irrigation In Agricultural Greenhouses

Greenhouse Mobile Sprinkler Irrigation Machine Configuration Instructions

  1. The entire greenhouse 48*108 (9 continuous spans of 12m, 6 bays of 8m) are installed with 2 sets of orbital mobile sprinkler irrigation machines.
  2. The formation length of the sprinkler irrigation machine is about 48m.
  3. One end of 48m needs to provide the main water pipe interface and power supply socket in the greenhouse.
  4. The sprinkler irrigation machine runs in the entire work track for fully automatic operation, and the horizontal transfer is an electric transfer or hand-cranked transfer.
  5. Remote control

What Factors Should Be Paid Attention to the Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Machine

  • (1) This reel sprinkler irrigation machine is suitable for sprinkler irrigation operations in large farmland, pasture, garden, etc. If the field is small, the advantages of the machine cannot be achieved.
  • (2) When laying PE pipes, tractors need to be used for laying, because the resistance of the winch is very large.
  • (3) Reserve a working channel in advance. For high-stalk corn, it cannot be used normally during drought resistance, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the machine.
Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Machine
Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Machine


In order to transfer the machine work site, it is necessary to regularly see whether the bolts and nuts related to the tire are tightened.
When the machine is transferred to the worksite, don’t forget to bring an attachment with the sprinkler irrigation system, such as a water inlet hose.
Machine transfer: Turn the reel to the transport position through the slewing mechanism, and fix the position with a chain. Put away the bracket and fix it.
The speed of the machine on the road must not exceed 10 kilometers per hour, and the speed of the machine must not exceed 5 kilometers per hour in the field. The speed of hauling the nozzle trolley shall not exceed 4 kilometers per hour.
In order to use different crops and field breakthrough operating conditions, the distance between the two wheels of the sprinkler irrigation cart can be adjusted. But when the wheelbase is adjusted to the minimum, the amount of irrigation water should be reduced accordingly to pack the stability of the trolley.