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1. Normal wear caused by long-time use of Small Chaff Cutter engine or abnormal wear caused by improper maintenance will increase fuel consumption.

2. The diesel engine is difficult to start, the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke, and the breathing apparatus has serious oil injection. The torsion spring of the inner support inside the oil ring is disconnected at the opening position of the oil ring, resulting in unclean oil scraping and participating in combustion and oil consumption

3. Check the front end of the oil shell side of the Small Chaff Cutter on the same side of the driving wheel. Due to the loose screw of the base, the driving wheel will rub against the Angle iron of the frame protecting the oil shell for a long time under the pull of the triangular belt, and the oil shell will be worn through to form a gap, resulting in oil leakage.
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4. Check whether there is oil leakage at the joints of the Small Chaff Cutter body, the gear chamber cover, the plate on the side of the wheel, the back cover, the cover cover and so on.

5. Pay attention to observe whether the sealing gasket of each connection part is complete, and cut grass machine excessive to replace the damaged sealing gasket.

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