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1. The Small Chaff Cutter bearing overheated

Fault reason: too much grease, zha hay cutter or too little grease; Bearing damage;

Exclusion method: add grease as required; Replacement of bearings; Aligning the spindle and balancing the rotor; Replace oil seal; Reduce feeding capacity; Adjust properly. The rotor is unbalanced.

Exclusion method: select and match hammer pieces so that the weight difference does not exceed 59; The hammer blade can rotate flexibly; Replacement of bearings; Alignment or replacement; Balanced rotor.
Small Chaff Cutter1Small Chaff Cutter7
2.Small Chaff Cutter stuck and had abnormal sound

Fault reason: fastening hay cutter screw loose; Too small blade clearance; Hard objects, such as metal and common fault stones, enter the machine.

Exclusion method: check whether the cutter disc and fastening screw are loose; Loose should be tightened, adjust the blade clearance to the standard requirements; Stop the machine to check and open the Small Chaff Cutter housing to remove foreign bodies.