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Good news, a customer from Togo has purchased a small rice processing plant from us. The rice polishing unit consists of the elevator, rice polisher, gravity sifter, and rice sifter. Its output can reach 800-1000kg/h.

Togo customer profiles

This customer works in a rice processing plant and recently needed to purchase a small rice processing plant. It is for his own company. So the customer searched our rice milling machine website and sent us an inquiry.

Why did the customer buy a small rice processing plant from us?

  1. Prompt response. There is a time difference between China and Togo, but as long as the customer has a question, we will respond to the customer in a timely manner.
  2. Patient and detailed explanation. Previously, customers were confused about the different models of rice production lines. Our sales manager solved the customer’s problem after more than one hour of telephone communication.
  3. Provide different logistics solutions. In order to help customers save freight costs, our sales manager proposed 3 logistics solutions to customers.
  4. Professional equipment knowledge. We will recommend the most suitable rice mill model and combination according to the customer’s budget and economic ability.
  5. Clear and fluent communication. Our sales manager can communicate smoothly with English customers, so he can help customers to solve many problems.
Small Rice Processing Plant