Usually, people will process cocoa beans into a variety of cocoa powder, chocolate and other foods. And because of the hardness of the cocoa bean’s shell. People can use the cocoa pod breaker to break the shell. So that it is convenient for the further process of the cocoa bean. After opening the pod of the cocoa bean, we can use the cocoa beans peeling machine. The cocoa beans peeling machine includes peeling roller, fan and gravity sorting part. This machine has simple and compact structure and stable performance. What’s more, it is safe and reliable during operation. Peeled cocoa beans boasts great aroma, widely applying to produce chocolate, candy and other industries.

Working principle of cocoa beans peeling machine

  1. Pour the cocoa beans evenly into the feeding hopper.
  2. Cocoa beans is continuously rolled by the rollers inside machine, and the skin of the cocoa beans is taken off later.
  3. The wind of the ventilator will absorb the skin into the cyclone.
  4. Finally, the peeled cocoa beans are discharged from the other side of the machine

Application of cocoa beans peeling equipment

Cocoa powder has strong aroma and can be used in high-end chocolate, ice cream, candy, and pastries. It also can be applied to other industries such as medicines and health care products.

Advantage of cocoa beans peeling machine

  1. By adjusting the size of the wind and the size of the peeling gap, all Skins and beans can be fully separated by adjusting the wind power and clearance of peeling roller.
  2. Big cyclone at the side of cocoa beans peeler machine can completely absorb the skin of cocoa beans, improving the cleaning rate.
  3. Peeling rate can reach 99% or more, and the peeled cocoa beans still can keep original aroma.
  4. It is made of stainless steel and has long service and strong corrosion resistance.

Technical parameter of cocoa beans peeling machine

Capacity 400KG/H
Motor  0.75KW
Voltage 380V
Peeling rate  >99%
Dimension 130*80* 130cm
Weight 140kg

Successful case of cocoa beans peeling equipment

As the ingredient of chocolate, ice cream, candy, and pastries, this machine is very popular in most countries. We sold 5 sets cocoa beans peeler machine to Cameroon yesterday, and this customer has ordered such a machine from us many times. The following is the packing details.

The cyclone needs to be unloaded due to big size.

FAQ of cocoa beans peeling machine

  1. What is the peeling rate of this machine?

More than 99%.

  1. Can I adjust the gap of the roller?

Yes, of course, the roller clearance is adjustable, for different cocoa beans have different sizes.

  1. What is the peeled cocoa beans used for?

It can be used to make chocolate, ice cream, candy, and pastries, etc.