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The agricultural machinery of the chaff cutter has become a common agricultural equipment, which has also promoted the opening of our agriculture and brought a lot of economic benefits to the present society.
Straw returning to the field has significant effects on preventing drought and preserving moisture, reducing fertilizer consumption, saving capital and protecting ecological environment. For this reason, we have developed a chaff cutter, which has been used for testing and launched in batches of products. It has been welcomed by the majority of users and achieved good social and economic benefits.
Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher1 2Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher1
With the adjustment of the economic structure of the village, the livestock husbandry industry was opened quickly. In the growth process of livestock, using damaged straw as feed can increase the animal palatability, trek digestion rate and absorption rate, reduce the waste in the process of breeding, shorten the feeding cycle. In order to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the stale incineration of crop stalks, we should timely deal with a lot of straws, increase the content of soil organic matter, improve soil structure and fertilize the soil.
It is inevitable for agricultural machinery to constantly reduce the intensity of labor, power of trek and economic benefit of enterprises and increase the income of farmers. However, China’s agricultural and animal husbandry processing methods are still very backward, there is a great distance from the international modernization methods, and it is a long-term mission to choose advanced mechanization operations instead of heavy manual labor.