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The specification and nameplate of general grain crusher are marked with the rated production capacity (kg/h) of the crusher, but the following points should be noted:
The rated production capacity is generally the output per hour of each crushing machine under the conditions of crushing corn (about 13% water content) and selecting the screen with the diameter of 1.2 mm. Because corn is a commonly used grain feed, the sieving with a diameter of 1.2 mm is the smallest sieving hole commonly used, at this time the production capacity is small.
The production capacity of the selected grain crusher is slightly higher than the actual production capacity, and the production capacity of the crusher can be reduced by hammer wear and air duct leakage, which will affect the continuous production supply of feed.
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The consumption of grain crusher is very big, when buying grain crusher, should consider saving energy. According to the standards of the relevant departments, the output per KWH of the hammer grain crusher shall not be lower than 48 kg when crushing the corn with a screen with a diameter of 1.2 mm. The output per KWH of the homemade hammer grain crusher has greatly exceeded the above requirements, and the quality has reached 70-75 kg/KWH. The specification and nameplate of the matching power machine of the grain crusher are marked with the power kilowatts of the matching motor. The number of kilowatts indicated is often not a fixed number but a range.