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The feed grinder has a wide range of use. It can mainly smash straw, wheat straw, dried kelp, etc. It can also be used together with the feed pellet machine. It can pulverize those materials into the final shape at one time, and the animal can be digested by the crushed crops. The solubility of the liquid improves the digestibility of the animal and is beneficial to the consumption of the animal. The birth of the feed pulverizer has driven China’s aquaculture industry, greatly improving the economic level of farmers in China, and is also an essential crop straw processing equipment for feed grinder and some small-scale farms in rural areas.
Winter temperatures are low and dry, and we must keep our maintenance work when using the feed grinder.
Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher1 2Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher1 1
1.When entering the autumn and winter seasons, we must pay attention to safety. The surrounding of the dry feed should be strictly fired. The workshop should pay attention to the isolation from the fire, and always pay attention to the safety of electricity to avoid fire.
2.According to the seasonal changes, the viscosity of the lubricating oil should be reduced. The machine that is often used should check whether the bearing butter is missing. The butter should be added once every 3-4 hours.
3.The winter temperature is low, the hardness of the steel is reduced. If start – up smoothly feed, easy to break the housing. You can start the machine for 20-30 minutes before feeding.
4.When replacing the cutter, the blade extends 2-4mm from the plane of the cutter disc, and then tighten the bolt. If the pressure bolt thread buckle is found to be worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent loss of the slip disc nut and change the stretching degree of the knife. It must be the same length of the extension knife.
Do not look down upon the maintenance work, it can not only guarantee the service life of feed grinder effectively, but also better crushing degree of feed, which is beneficial to animal absorption