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When the rice destoner machine works normally, the upstream airflow through the material layer is required to be equal to the suspension speed of wheat. If the air velocity is too high, the material on the trend screen is easy to be blown through. If the airflow speed is too small, wheat will be weak to suspend, easy to climb with stones, resulting in the stone containing wheat. At the same time, due to poor material classification, wheat seed is easy to contain stones, which also reduces the separation efficiency.
1.Inclination Angle: the Angle between the stone removal screen surface and the horizontal surface becomes inclination Angle. The size of inclination Angle has influence on both yield and efficiency of descaling machine, and the influence on both is contradictory. When the dip Angle is large, it is strong for wheat flow. But the trend efficiency will be reduced, the inclination is small, the wheat flow rate is low, the yield is small. At the same time, it is easy to carry wheat in the stone, so that the lower foot contains more grain. The tilt Angle of the stone removal machine is usually 5-9.
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2.Threw the Angle: the Angle refers to the Angle and direction of vibration sieve sieve body surface, stone machine vibration sieve body is the form of a reciprocating linear vibration, vibration direction is tilted, and the axis of the vertical vibration motor, to the vibration direction of stone machine and vibrating screen is different, can’t change, this is close to the screen surface can stone side by side along the screen line basic conditions. Therefore, the selection of proper casting is conducive to the automatic classification of materials and the upwelling of side-by-side stones. However, if the casting Angle is too large, the material will jump out of the screen, which is not conducive to the upstream of the stone, and the casting Angle of the stone removal machine is generally 30-35.
3.Amplitude and vibration frequency: amplitude refers to the amplitude of the vibration of the sieve. When the amplitude is larger and the frequency is higher, the moving speed of the material on the screen is faster and the function of automatic classification is stronger. It is helpful to improve separation efficiency and equipment yield. But the amplitude is too large, the frequency is too high, the working face vibrates violently, the material is easy to produce throbbing, the destruction material automatic classification. Thus, the separation efficiency is reduced. On the contrary, the material moves slowly on the screen surface and the material layer is thicker, which is not conducive to the automatic classification of materials. It not only affects the separation efficiency, but also affects the output of the stone removal machine. Generally, the amplitude of the stone removal machine is about 3.5-5mm. The frequency of vibration motor driving stone removal machine is generally not adjusted, and the frequency of eccentric rotation stone removal machine is positively correlated with its speed.