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Lacking of understanding of working environment of grass cutter machine, many people have difficulty in using it. Actually,our machine has certain requirements towards it.

Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher3Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher4
There are many things needed to pay attention to. First, chaff cutter should idle for a while before the operation. Second, the user needs to observe that whether the operation is stable and whether there is abnormal noise,confirming that the operation is normal. You must check the parts of the machine before starting and move the rake cutter shaft by hand to see if the rotation is flexible. The debris in the material such as iron objects, stones or other hard objects should be removed carefully.

Taizy Machinery has confidence in chaff cutter machine and we have a perfect after-sales service system for our customers. For example,  one or two full-time technicians will be provided to assist customers until the user is satisfied. The company assigns special service personnel to guide the customer to install and disassemble the machine. If the parts need to be replaced because of the quality, it is free for you.