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Ultra-low-volume sprayers are fast, efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective compared to conventional sprayers when controlling flowers, lawns, and crop pests and diseases. The specific performance is:
1. Low water consumption: The ultra-low volume sprayer uses the pesticide stock solution, or it needs only a very low dilution, so it does not need a lot of water.

2, the amount of medication is small: about 100 grams per acre of spray liquid, not dozens of kilograms, or even hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced and the labor can be saved when used.
3, even distribution of mist: ultra-low-volume sprayer is not sprayed directly on the plant, but by the wind to make the droplets of only a few tens of microns in diameter scattered and drift, and then under the “micro-flow” around the plant, The mist droplets are evenly distributed on the front, back and sides of the plant leaves and the whole plant. In this way, the killing rate of the pests is higher than that of the diluted fertilizers, especially for some insecticides that have developed resistance. Because the killing function of the pesticide stock solution is several times or even several times higher than that after dilution with water.

4, the use of simple method: hand-held ultra-low volume sprayer spray always keeps the height of the plant about 1 meter above the height. Since the sprayer eliminates the liquid spray head, the liquid flows out when the medicine bottle is lowered. Therefore, before the motor is turned on, the vial should be below and the head should be above. When spraying, start the motor first, then change the position of the medicine bottle and the machine head so that the medicine bottle is on the top, the bottle mouth is down, the bottle body is perpendicular to the ground, and the liquid medicine flows out by itself.