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The small chaff cutter is used for chopping all kinds of green, hay, cereal, straw, wild grass, wheat straw, corn and other grass materials. It is a widely used economical weeding equipment, which has small size, light weight and installation. , operation, maintenance is simple, and production efficiency is high. Production for feeding cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and other livestock forage and manure, straw returning. Main use: Feed the grass into a small section of 1 to 2 cm to feed cattle, sheep, geese, fish or make green storage feed.

Small Chaff Cutter3Small Chaff Cutter1

  1. Small chaff cutter Compact structure, small size, light weight and easy to move
  2. 4 blades are made of high-quality spring steel, the blade is sharp, and the grass that is pulled out is not only flush, but the breaking rate is high, and the quality of the weed is good.
  3. Small chaff cutter is equipped with an overload protection device, which can avoid the malfunction of the card machine that occurs when there is too much discharging.
  4. The whole body is made of steel plate material, which is durable.