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The installation, adjustment and usage of various hay cutter are basically the same.
1.Hay cutter can be placed on a flat ground when install, and the foot of the machine frame can be pressed with heavy stones. The feeding inlet of the machine is movably and can be removed when transport. When working, the feeding bucket bracket should be clamped on the hook, and the protective cover should be installed and connected with the power supply.
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2.Adjust the gape of hay cutter according to the rule of not touching the edge of fixed blade and of the moving blade. Generally, the gap when cutting of coarse and hard dry fodder (such as green corn stalk) is 0.3-0.5 mm, and for rice and wheat stalk is 0.2 mm. The clearance adjustment between the moving and fixed blade is mainly to adjust the moving blade. When adjusting, first fasten the fixed blade, then slightly loosen the bolt which is fixed at both ends of the movable blade, after that, adjust the screw and make the gap between moving blade and the fixed blade is 0.2-0.3 mm, and at last tighten the nut.
3.The points of operating hay cutter:
①Carefully check whether the fasteners are loose before starting the machine, especially the dynamic and fixed blades must be fastened.
If it is found loose, it should be firmly secured to prevent accidents.
②Check whether there are tools and other junks in the hopper and tool holder, if so, they should be removed.
③Check whether the spindle rotation is flexible, if there is stuck, we should find out the reason and eliminate it in time.
④If the inspection meets the requirements, power on and let machine run for several minutes, and after the machine is running normally, it can be put into operation.
⑤Operators should have a tool for clean the grass to pick grass debris, stones and nails out, otherwise they would go into the machine and damage blades or other parts.
⑥There should be a yard and a working face horizontally connected with the feeding bucket so as to stack forage and ensure the continuous feeding.