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Today we send 7 sets chaff cutter machine to Haiti, and it is equipped with 15-20hp diesel engine.

Chaff Cutting Machine Delivery
Chaff Cutting Machine Delivery

Technical parameter of chaff cutter machine


Model 9Z-6.5A
Power 7.5kw
Diesel Engine 15-20hp
Weight 420kg
Overall Dimension 2147*1600*2756mm
Packing Size 755*1393*1585mm
Capacity 6.5t/h
Speed of Main Shaft 650r/min
Rotor Diameter 1000mm
Blades Quantity 3/4pcs
Speed of Feeding Roller 260r/min
Feeding Mode Automatic
Chopping Size 12/18/25/35mm
Feeding Inlet Width 265mm


What is the raw material this customer wants to cut?

This customer plants a large scale of corn farmland. In the past, he fired the corn straw in the field, which greatly pollutes the environment. In the recent years, his government does not allow farmers to fire corn stalk, straw and other grasses in the land so as to protect the environment and fully take advantage of the wasted straw. Government call on people to use grass cutting machine. Under the influence of this policy, a growing number of farmers begin to buy chaff cutter machine, and the crushed corn straw can be used to feed animal. Therefore, this customer purchases 7 sets grass cutting machine from us. He just needs one set, and the rest of them will are distributed to other farmers.


The wide application of our chaff cutter machine

This chaff cutter machine can not crush corn straw, but also other crop straws, grass, alfalfa, and all kinds of stalks. So it bears wide application. The cutting effect is very good,and you can adjust the length of crushed grass according to your need.

Chaff Cutting Machine Factory
Chaff Cutting Machine Factory

Why to choose Taizy grass cutter machine?

It is the first cooperation between us,but this customer orders 7 sets chaff cutting machine, which shows that he trusts us very well. To be honest, Taizy is a professional agriculture machine factory that has engaged in this field for more than 10 years. Our agriculture machine has delivered to countries all over the world with good feedback.