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What problems should be paid attention to before using the Chaff Cutter
The Chaff Cutter is widely used and is a common agricultural machinery used in rural areas. In recent years, with the actual needs of various places, this type of product has been derived from a single Chaff Cutter in the past, such as weeding machine, weeding machine, etc. Multi-functional model; green feed chopper (shredder) appeared in the south.
Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher2Small Chaff Cutter3
What problems should be paid attention to when using the Chaff Cutter:
1.The moving and fixed blades of the Chaff Cutter should always keep the edge sharp;
2.After using for 1 month, the above bearings should be removed, cleaned and re-great grease (good quality butter), and then installed and used.
3.Check and adjust all parts of the Chaff Cutter according to regulations;
4.If placed in the open air,Cover with a tarpaulin to prevent the machine from rusting.
5.Always check the contents of the Chaff Cutter for severe wear and looseness.
The Chaff Cutter products are mainly divided into three types: large, medium and small. The large machines are mainly silage choppers, which are mainly cut green corn straw. The medium and small machines are mainly cut corn stover, cereal grass and straw. However, the motor or diesel engine is used as the power, and the electric motor is divided into single-phase and three-phase. The structure of the Chaff Cutter is divided into two types: disc type and barrel type.