Corn planter, a very important machine for farmers, needs to match with tractor to work. What should farmers pay attention to before using?

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First, what is the structure of corn planter?

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1. Land wheel 2.Land axle 3.Frame 4.Fertilizer opener 5.planting assemble system 7.Grain tube 8.Trenching column 9.fertilizer box Holder 10.Small chain cover 11.Fertilizer Box and box cover 12. Seedbox and box cover 13. Pull rod
The following is the planting assembly.

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It is driving mechanism.

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Second, how to install corn planter with different rows?

The method of installation towards different rows planting corn machine is same, and they all can be equipped with fertilization. The former beam is installed anti-wind opener; rack back rest is installed on the planting assembly; fertilizer hopper installed on the three lines of frame.
The gap between corn seeder and fertilizer seeds should be more than 50mm in case that fertilizer hurts the seedlings. Each shaft hole should be concentric, and operator uses screws to tighten the u-shaped wire alternately on both ends.
The installed 2 row corn planter is as follow.

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Finished 4 row corn planter


Third, how to adjust the spacing of corn planter?

There are five steps to do.
1. Loosen the u-shaped wire assembly, transmission board and u-shaped wire.
2. Loosen the flat clamp on the variable speed drive shaft assembly (a total of four).
3. Loosen the sprocket jackscrew (except three lines of machine).
4. Adjust Axial assembly, and fertilization sprocket chain (except the three lines of machine).
5. Adjust the fertilizer seeder position.
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