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As the name suggests, the grass cutter and grinder can crush both grass and grain. Our old customers all know that our grass cutting machines are constantly updated, from the initial single cutting function to the current one that can both cut grass and crush grains. In addition, the output, style, and functions of our chaff cutters are constantly updated.

Let’s take a look at what kind of grass cutting machine the customers in Canada have bought


Let’s take a look at the function of the chaff cutting and grinder

The machine is small in size and very convenient to operate. Only one person can crush grass and grains. Let’s take a look at its structure diagram and function diagram.

Let’s see how this grass cutting and grinding machine works

1.Turn on the switch
2.Put corn into the inlet
3.You will get cornflour
4.Flour is very fine
5.Then crush the tree leaves
6.The effect is very good
7.and such small pieces can greatly improve the digestion of animals.