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Agricultural drone sprayer compared with the traditional spraying with low efficiency and low utilization rate, the UAV sprayer has such advantages as pesticides saving, high quality and capacity,safe operation. This spray bears great significance that distinguishes from traditional backward plant protection mode for many years. It is an important sign to realize the specialized production of agricultural intensification. At the same time, the refined operation will protect the agricultural ecological environment to the greatest extent, helping reduce pesticide residues and environmental pollution of agricultural products as well as promoting the development of modern agriculture.


What is the biggest advantage of our drone sprayer?

1. Agricultural drone sprayer has lower costs and higher efficiency

The agricultural drone sprayer is fast and efficient and it can complete 200,000 – 30,000 square meters per day, which is 30-60 times more efficient than traditional work, saving 40-50% of labor costs. The labor shortage is effectively alleviated, and more labor force will invest in other aspects


2.High utilization rate of pesticides

The traditional artificial or motorized sprayer operation wastes a great amount of pesticide because of the large spraying droplets, and1000 square meters field needs about 36kg water consumption .
Our agricultural drone sprayer can achieve low-altitude operation, using atomization method to ensure droplets be finer and more uniform. Penetrating power is strong, and liquid following with the mist flow can adhere to the front and back of the leaves and stem, which improves the pesticides utilization rate. In this way, 10%-20% pesticide and 90% water can be saved.


3.Good control effect and high safety factor

The agricultural drone sprayer is light in weight, flexible in take-off and landing, and can be hovered in the air. Most important, it is equipped with high control effect that can reduce drift and achieve accurate operation.
When it comes to safety factor, operator uses remote operation to greatly avoid being hurt by pesticide.
From the results of survey conducted by some counties and cities in 2017, the effect of agricultural drone sprayer on weed control in wheat fields is better than that of manual spray.