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What is the significance of the application of fecal dehydrator?

The increase in the number of people and the development of animal husbandry has led to a continuous increase in the production of manure. Such random piles of manure not only pollute the environment but also affect the soil. At this stage, under the influence of chemical fertilizers that can provide obvious economic benefits, the amount of manure used in rural areas is slowly declining. Although the application of manure as an organic fertilizer has risen due to environmental protection calls and the decline of land fertility due to the large-scale application of chemical fertilizers, it is still difficult. Therefore, the use of appropriate technology to carry out management and disposal of manure has great significance. Also on this basis, fecal dehydration machines are becoming more and more popular. Manure dehydrators can not only protect the environment but also avoid the impact of untimely manure treatment on our health.

Ways to dispose of feces

There are many ways to dispose of feces at home and abroad, and the more common ones are biological methods: anaerobic fermentation and aerobic alcohol. Chemical method: drug coagulation sedimentation; high-pressure high-temperature method: wet oxidation treatment; high-temperature composting method: natural disposal of fecal sludge, etc. The manure dehydration machine can very well turn manure into organic fertilizer. And the operation is simple, only one machine can complete the dehydration of various feces.

Application of Fecal Dehydrator

Application in farms

A horse farm is an entertainment place for more and more people, so how to deal with horse feces? The manure dehydrator can be widely used in the needs of various scale pig farms, chicken farms, and breeding farms. Large-scale pig farms can independently build silo composting projects to solve the problem of manure.

The application of chicken manure dehydrator has the following advantages:

  1. The chicken manure dehydrator has a strong processing capacity and can be fully qualified for the sewage treatment of nearly 10,000 poultry.
  2. High work efficiency. After the feces are processed by the solid-liquid separator, the concentration of the sewage can be reduced to below 5000MG, which is conducive to the normal fermentation of anaerobic microorganisms.
  3. The separation effect is good. The chicken dung, pig dung and cow dung separated by the dehydrator have low moisture content and no permeate, which is convenient for transportation.
  4. The chicken manure dehydrator is automated, which can greatly reduce the dependence on labor and reduce the cost of enterprises.
  5. The chicken manure dehydrator exists as a complete machine. It has a compact structure and a small footprint, and its appearance is neat and beautiful.
Fecal Dehydrator In Farm
Fecal Dehydrator in Farm

Application in the food industry

The fecal dehydrator can not only dehydrate all kinds of feces but also be used for various solid-liquid separations. manure dehydrators are also a solid-liquid separation device in the process of collecting and transporting food waste. It can also be used for solid-liquid separation in the process of catering enterprises and kitchen waste treatment, and separation of high-concentration organic chemical wastewater such as paper pulp, lees, medicine residue, tapioca starch residue, sauce residue, and slaughterhouse. The processed kitchen waste and medicine residues are more convenient to transport and can be reused.

Fecal Dehydrator In The Food Industry
Fecal Dehydrator in the food industry