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Yesterday, a customer from Canada ordered an automatic seed sowing machine from us. This model of the seed counter machine includes a sprinkler function. The whole process of machine work is fully automatic, and customers can directly get the processed seedling trays. In addition to fully automatic seedling raising machines, we also have semi-automatic ones.

What kind of seeds does the customer want to sow?

Customers mainly use seedling machines to cultivate tomato, pepper, and eggplant seeds.

Tomato, Pepper, And Eggplant Seeds
Tomato, Pepper, And Eggplant Seeds

Why do customers need to buy an automatic seed sowing machine?

The customer has been doing seedling business and is planning to buy another automatic seed planter to expand the production of seedlings during this time. Therefore, customers search for seedling raising machines online. Find us and send us an inquiry about nursery sowing machines.

Automatic Seed Sowing Machine
Automatic Seed Sowing Machine

The process of customers purchasing automatic seeder planter

We communicate with customers about automatic seed sowing machines by email. In addition to seedling machines, customers also need plug trays. Because the customer’s needs are clear, our sales manager Anna directly made and sent PI to the customer. In the subsequent communication process, Anna sent the video, pictures, and parameters of the machine to the customer.

Moreover, we also constantly revise PI according to changes in customer needs. The specific changes include that the seedling raising machine needs to have a sprinkler part, the number, and weight of the trays, the air compressor, the customer’s port, the voltage of the machine required, etc.

Nursery Tray
Nursery Tray

Payment and shipping of seedling tray machine

The customer pays through the bank. After we received the deposit, we started to prepare the machine. After the automatic seed sowing machine is ready, we will notify the customer to pay the balance. Then arrange packing and shipping of the machine to Montreal QC Canada port.

What things that customers care about during the purchase process?

1. How long will it take to receive the automatic seed sowing machine?

We need around 10 days to prepare and pack the machines well. Then deliver them to Qingdao port, and the shipping time to Montreal QC Canada port is around 40 days.

2. Do you provide pallets?

Yes, we have pallets with different specifications, you can tell us your needs, and we will customize the pallets.

3. Can one automatic seed sowing machine sow different seeds?

Yes, we will give you 5 suction needles of different sizes for free, and you can replace the corresponding suction needles according to the size of your seeds.

4. Does the price in the quotation include the air compressor and sprinkler?

Yes, all of them are included. If the customer’s needs change, we will modify the PI.

Why do customers choose our auto seeder machine?

  1. Our machines are supported by many customers. Taize has been committed to exporting equipment, and the high quality of machines has been supported by many customers.
  2. Comprehensive service. We will put forward reasonable machine suggestions for customers to meet various needs of customers. 5 suction needles and a set of spare parts are given to customers for free.
  3. One year after-sales service. In addition to a one-year after-sales service, we will also provide free online guidance services for life.
Auto Seeder Machine
Auto Seeder Machine