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In some hills and mountains, because the amount of silage corn cannot meet the silage requirements of local dairy farms, we can choose to make some wheat silage. For example, summer storage and storage of wheat silage is a good choice.

Advantages of wheat silage:
Improve the use of silage equipment such as automatic silage balers
Because of the silage production, the silage can be harvested in the early stage of wheat, which also helps to spread the corn in the summer, which is high temperature and high humidity pollination period, effectively improve the corn firmness and reduce the amount of weeds in the farmland.
Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 3Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 4
The use of automatic silage baler for wheat silage can effectively reduce the return of straw to the field and reduce the cost of straw burning and straw treatment.

But wheat silage also has disadvantages:

First of all, the nutritional value of wheat silage is slightly lower, generally only about 75% of the nutritional value of corn silage. The nutritional value of better wheat silage is only about 90% of the nutritional value of silage. And the dry matter production per mu of wheat silage is low, about 700kg/mu.

When using the automatic silage baler for wheat silage, we should carry out silage at 33% and 40% of dry matter. At present, some areas in China have been directly crushed in the field, and the silage processing operations are carried out directly in the fields.