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When maintaining the automatic silage baler, we need to pay attention to the following aspects that need our customers’ attention: the first detailed connection is dull and dry, not let it rain, or put water on it. tool.

Secondly, we should regularly carry out the necessary inspection and nursed back to the various parts of the automatic silage baling machine every month. It is necessary to check the transmission parts and the cylinder environment, and carefully carry out the environment where the screws of the various components are loose. Check it out.

Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 2Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 1

Finally, it is necessary to carry out regular liquidation of the automatic silage baler, and the remaining straw is cleared. In the time of liquidation of the straw baler, the first power outage should be taken to ensure the quietness of the man-machine, and the straw baler should be wiped clean with a clean rag. The automatic silage baler should not be scratched, and the straw baler should be used frequently. The use of lubricants for lubrication and maintenance is a transmission system for straw balers. This maintenance should be held regularly.

The automatic silage baler is the most basic and most widely used packaging equipment deployment, but blindly changing and not innovating will only make the market more boring, can not bring strange and high-tech elements, so innovation The vitality is also crucial to the growth of the automatic silage baler industry.