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Recently, our company is honored to successfully send a bean skin removing machine to a processing plant focusing on soybean processing in Nigeria.

Customer background and needs

The customer specializes in the processing and sales of soybean products such as tofu, soymilk, tofu skin, etc. Due to the characteristics of its business, it pays particular attention to the pretreatment of soybeans. To improve productivity and product quality, the customer is in urgent need of an efficient soybean peeling machine.

You can learn more about this machine through the Bean peeling machine | red bean peeler.

Reasons for purchasing the machine

Faced with a variety of bean skin removing machine options on the market, the customer, after communicating with us, fully understood our company’s technical strength and equipment quality, especially for the soybean pretreatment field of professional experience. They expect to get a machine that is both efficient and stable to meet their growing production needs.

Versatility of bean skin removing machine

Our soybean peeling machine not only efficiently removes the shell of soybeans, but also ensures the integrity and nutritional value of the soybeans, providing high-quality raw materials for subsequent processing of tofu and soymilk.

The high throughput and stability of the machine enable customers to complete the peeling of large quantities of soybeans in a short period, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Why choose our company

Customers in Nigeria choose our company mainly because of our reasonable price, on the other hand, they have confidence in the production efficiency and delivery speed of our factory.

In addition, the full range of services we provide to our customers, from demand analysis to after-sales support, have been highly recognized and praised by our customers.