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In a recent deal, we successfully exported a high-efficiency beans skin peeling machine to Iran, providing an innovative solution for an emerging soymilk production plant. This cooperation aims to fulfill the customer’s urgent need for automation of soymilk production.

Beans Skin Peeling Machine
Beans Skin Peeling Machine

You can get detailed information about the machine through the following article: Bean Peeling Machine | Red Bean Peeler.

Customer background information

Located in Tehran, the customer is a company specializing in food processing in the Iranian region. They mainly deal with producing soymilk and soybean products and are well-known in the region. With the increase in market demand, the client started to look for ways to improve production efficiency and therefore decided to introduce new equipment to optimize the production process.

Demand for Beans skin peeling machine

The customer urgently needs to solve the bottleneck problem of soybean peeling. The traditional method of peeling is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, which is not only inefficient but also tends to lead to wastage in the soy milk production process.

The introduction of the soybean peeling machine provides customers with a viable solution that not only improves peeling efficiency but also reduces production costs.

Peeled Soybeans
Peeled Soybeans

Machine transaction process

It all started with the customer’s interest in our beans skin peeling machine. Through the product information on our website, the customer learned about the working principle and performance characteristics of the machine in detail.

Then, our business manager communicated with the customer in-depth by email and phone answered their concerns, and provided a video of the machine’s work so that the customer could have a more intuitive understanding of the machine’s performance.

To better meet the customer’s needs, we invited the customer to visit our factory in person for a site visit. During the on-site demonstration, customers were very satisfied with the efficient operation and excellent peeling effect of the soybean peeling machine. They believe that this machine will play a key role in improving productivity and soymilk quality.

Bean Skin Removing Machine
Bean Skin Removing Machine

Reasons for choosing our machine

The reason why the customer finally chose our soybean peeling machine is because of the excellence of our machine in terms of performance and quality.

  • The machine adopts advanced peeling technology, which can efficiently remove the skin of beans and ensure the quality of raw materials for soymilk production.
  • At the same time, the machine structure is robust and easy to operate and maintain, which meets customers’ requirements for equipment stability and reliability.

Experience sharing and feedback

Customers were satisfied with the trial results of the machine and indicated that they would purchase another five to ten soybean peelers in the middle of this year to gradually replace the traditional peeling method.

They emphasized the high efficiency and stability of the beans skin peeling machine, as well as the professional service provided by our team, which made them full of confidence in future cooperation.