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Agriculture is a pillar industry in Bangladesh, and chaff cutter in Bangladesh is very popular. In addition to grass cutting machine , other agriculture machines are highly dependent on imports, and Chinese agricultural machine is favored in Bangladesh.

Problems of the development of chaff cutter in Bangladesh

Agriculture has long been a pillar industry in Bangladesh, especially grass cutting machine. At present, the population of Bangladesh is about 147 million, and it is growing at a rate of 2 million people per year, but the cultivated land area is shrinking at a rate of 0.49% per year. Meanwhile, the per capita cultivated area is only 0.06 hectares. In addition, more and more labor is being transferred from agriculture to other industries, and agriculture is facing a severe labor crisis. Therefore, the introduction of agricultural machine, improving agricultural production efficiency and mechanization have become the top priorities.

Bangladesh has a bright future for grass cutting machine industry

The agricultural machine in China accounts for 25% of the global total output value. In 2017, the export value of the grass cutting machine industry was the US $ 10.089 billion, and it increases by 14.53%. The market share has been stable at around 40%. Agricultural machines produced in China, especially grass cutter, are of high quality and affordable, and are widely welcomed in Bangladesh.


After many years of development, some progress has also been made in the mechanization of chaff cutter in Bangladesh. At present, the mechanization rate of farming in Bangladesh has reached 90%, and the value of the agricultural machinery market has reached $ 850 million.

Chaff cutter in Bangladesh is increasing, mainly imported from China

With the gradual improvement of the mechanization level of Bangladesh’s grass cutter, the scale of its market has also expanded. However, the growth has been slow, from 780 million US dollars in 2011 to 850 million US dollars in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 1.7%. In addition, the repair and maintenance market of grass cutter has grown rapidly, from US $ 110 million in 2011 to US $ 270 million in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 20%.


At present, most of Bangladesh’s chaff cutter machine is imported from China. Corn thresher, rice milling machine and harvester machine are also popular in Bangladesh.

Government’s role in grass cutter machine development

To improve the level of agricultural mechanization, the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh has introduced a series of active policies. For example, Agricultural Mechanization Project, it provides 70% subsidies for the use of grass cutting machine in remote and coastal areas, and 50% subsidies for other regions.