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Chaff Cutter is a necessary mechanical equipment for rural farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plants. It can also be used by farmers, pastures, paper mills and medicinal plants. The equipment is mainly used for cutting agricultural (grass) corn stalks, straw and other crop straws and pasture agricultural livestock feed processing machinery. It is a good helper for cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock. The mower is a mechanical device. It is a common problem for us to have all kinds of small problems. Here is a small editor who teaches you how to make a repairing mower.

Chaff Cutter failure 1: bearing overheating

Cause of failure: too much grease, too little or bad grease; bearing damage;

Small Chaff Cutter1Small Chaff Cutter6

Remedy: Add grease according to the regulations; replace the bearing; straighten the spindle, balance the rotor; replace the oil seal; reduce the amount of feeding; adjust properly.

Chaff Cutter fault 2: stuck, abnormal sound

The cause of the failure: the fastening mower screw is loose; the blade clearance is too small; metal, stone and other hard objects enter the machine.

Remedy: Check the cutter head and fastening screws for looseness; loosen the screws and adjust the blade clearance to the standard requirements; stop the inspection and open the casing to remove foreign matter.

Chaff Cutter2Chaff Cutter1

Chaff Cutter fault 3: The machine is vibrating or has strong noise

The cause of the failure: the weight difference between the two sets of hammers is too large; the individual hammers are not opened by the circlip; the bearing is damaged; the main shaft is bent and deformed; the weight difference of other parts on the rotor is too large, causing the rotor to be unbalanced.