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Brief introduction to Madagascar customers’ purchase of chaff cutter

This customer is from Madagascar and is a dealer. He sends chaff cutter inquiries on Alibaba based on the needs of his clients. Besides the chaff cutter machine, he also needs machines like corn crusher, hammer mill, disk mill etc. According to the customer’s needs, we recommended the 9Z-1.8 model machine to him that the output is 1800kg/hour. Also, we have other models of machines, customers can choose the right model according to their needs. According to different customer’s need, we will provide the matching machine solutions.

What is the applicable scope of the straw cutting machine ?

The straw cutting machine has a wide application. Generally, straw cutting machine can cut all kinds of green grass, hay, cereal straw, stalk, wild grass, wheat straw, corn straw and other forages etc. And we can feed directly the processed grass to cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and other livestock. Also, we can make the cutted grass into silage. It can also be used for straw returning to the field. The machine is very popular at home and abroad.

How does a cow feed cutting machine work?

The 9Z-1.8 model cow feed cutting machine can be equipped with gasoline engine or electric motor. According to the needs of customers, we provide customers with gasoline engine. Turn on the cow feed cutting machine first, and the gasoline engine sends power to the main shaft. The gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the speed-regulated power to the presser through the gear box, universal joint, etc. When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower presses, it is clamped by the presser and sent to the cutting mechanism at a certain speed. Then the material is chopped by the high-speed rotating cutter and thrown out of the machine through the straw outlet.

Working video of cow feed cutting machine

Parameters of 9Z-1.8 model corn stalk cutting machine

Our customer purchased two 9Z-1.8 corn stalk cutting machines. And the parameters are as follows:

Powergasoline engine
Speed of Main Shaft950r/min
Rotor Diameter470mm
Blades Quantity6pcs
Feeding ModeManual
Chopping Size5mm,11mm,15mm
Parameters of 9Z-1.8 model corn stalk cutting machine

How to repair and maintain grass cutter?

1. Frequently check whether the fasteners are loose and tighten them.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of bearing seat, coupling and transmission box. And regularly add or replace the lubricating oil.

3. When we find that the grass cutter blade edge is dull, the movable blade should be sharpened with a whetstone.

4. After each shift, we should remove the dust and dirt on the grass cutter machine in time. After the end of each season, the debris in the machine should be removed. And also coat the working parts with anti-rust oil. Then place them in a ventilated and dry place indoors.

Packing and shipping of forage chopper

After texting the machine, we are ready to pack the forage chopper . And we will send the packing and shipping pictures to our customer. And below are the pictures we send to our Madagascar customer.