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Traditionally, the spring festival lasts for nearly a month from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Almost all Chinese spend time with their family to regain the significance of the traditions.


During the festival,we buy new clothes and much food,put on couplets(the 28th of the 12th lunar month) and honor the ancestors(the 29th day of the 12th lunar month). Most important,the whole family gather to eat dinner(especially dumpling) and enjoy TV show at New Year’s Eve(the 30th day of the 12th lunar month). In addition, we get up early on the first day of lunar new year, and mutual visits among neighbors and relatives and friends,which is called new year greeting.In the recent years,with rapid development and high technology,a growing number of people begin to celebrate this festival at home and abroad.

Spring Festival always keeps in line with spring,and farmers have to start to work after spending wonderful time with family. As we all know,spring is the time for sowing,but what kind of crop do most Chinese plant in spring? Now i want to introduce you corn and beans planter machine

We have 2 row,3 row,4 row,5 row,6 row,8 row corn planter machine with fertilizer, and you choose it according to your requirement.


Technical Parameter of corn planter machine

Model 2BYSF-2 2BYSF-3 2BYSF-4 2BYSF-5 2BYSF-6 2BYSF-8
Size 1.57*1.3*1.2m 1.57*1.7*1.2m 1.62*2.35*1.2m 1.62*2.75*1.2m 1.62*3.35*1.2m 1.64*4.6*1.2m
row 2 3 4 5 6 8
Row spacing 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm
Plant spacing 140mm-280mm 140mm-280mm 140mm-280mm 140mm-280mm 140mm-280mm 140mm-280mm
Ditching depth  60-80mm  60-80mm  60-80mm  60-80mm  60-80mm  60-80mm
Fertilization depth 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm
Sowing depth 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm
Capacity of fertilizer tank 18.75L x2 18.75L x3 18.75L x4 18.75L x5 18.75L x6 18.75L x8
Capacity of seed box 8.5 x 2 8.5 x 3 8.5 x 4 8.5 x 5 8.5 x 6 8.5 x 8
Weight 150kg 200kg 295kg 360kg 425kg 650kg
Matched power  12-18hp 15-25hp 25-40hp 40-60hp 50-80hp 75-100hp
Linkage  3-pointed  3-pointed  3-pointed  3-pointed  3-pointed  3-pointed

This corn planter machine bears high capacity and can effectively avoid grass winding and reduce vibration during the operation.row spacing,planting spacing,ditching depth,fertilization depth and sowing depth all is adjustable. Planter with different rows need to match with different tractors.

Are you interested in this corn or maize planter machine? Please send me an inquiry if you want to know more information. Spring festival is over,and we are all full of energy and great enthusiasm to serve you!