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Recently, our company successfully sent 5 sets of 55-52 corn silage baling machines and 2 sets of corn threshers to Georgia.

Customer background and needs analysis

Customer profile

Georgian dealer with diversified farm machinery needs, committed to providing a full range of agricultural machinery solutions.

Diversified needs

  • Diversified needs for farm machinery, including balers wrappers, and corn threshers.
  • Plans to stock a wide range of machines in the warehouse for resale.
  • High interest in after-sales service, wearing parts, and warranty.

Corn silage baling machine transaction process

Multiple machine purchases

  • Purchased 5 sets of baling and wrapping machines and 2 sets of corn threshers.
  • Considering the customers’ needs, different types of machines were recommended to meet the diversified market demand.
  • Because of sufficient stock, the transaction was quick and the delivery was completed within a week.

Focus on after-sales service

  • Although don’t know much about the machines, they pay attention to the after-sales service.
  • They are concerned about the wearing parts of the machine and the warranty policy.

Machine features and advantages

Bale wrapping machine

  • Suitable for farms, ranches, and other scenarios, it improves the efficiency and quality of forage preservation.
  • Stable performance and reliable quality are favored by customers.

Corn thresher

  • Efficient corn threshing function improves the processing efficiency and yield of corn.
  • Durable structure and stable performance meet customers’ requirements for machine durability.


This transaction demonstrates the wide applicability and reliability of the agricultural machinery solutions provided by our company. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent services to meet their diverse needs. More customers are welcome to contact us for more information about our corn silage baling machines and are welcome to visit our factory for a first-hand experience of our products and services.