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In recent years, with the excessive consumption of energy sources, the development of clean renewable energy sources has gradually attracted attention from all walks of life. Crop straws, as the main biomass raw materials, can not only replace conventional energy sources, but also be used in industrial and agricultural production, such as fertilizers,feed, living fuel, paper-making, breeding, edible fungi, etc. More and more manufacturers have started to produce straw crusher machine.

The current status of crop straw in China

At present, the utilization of straw in China is about 500 million tons, accounting for 70.6% of the total. The rest of straws are incinerated or discarded, causing serious environmental pollution. Besides, it wastes the precious resource. The comprehensive utilization of straw has yet to be improved.

The straw, with of low density and inconvenient storage and transportation, severely restricts its large-scale application. Straw crusher machine is a machine can maintain the value of straws scattered on the field, greatly improved the utilization of straw.

The traditional method of collecting crop straws in China is mainly manual labor, with high labor intensity and low efficiency. With the rapid development of mechanization, people began to use straw crusher machine, which not only reduces labor time and labor intensity, but also improved the economic benefits of agricultural production. Collecting after crushing and directly bundling are the two main forms.

Field collection after processed by straw crusher machine

After the crops are harvested, some of them need to be crushed so as that crushed straw can return to the field to increase the nutrition of soil. Straw crusher machine needs to connect tractors to work, and it has the advantages of fewer operators, easy organization, and low labor costs.

The disadvantage is that there are more restrictions when crushing, such as rain and mud in the field. What’s more, after crushing, the compression ratio can reach 1/5 ~ 1/15, which is conducive to the transportation and storage of straw, and is suitable for large livestock pastures.

Bundle collection of straw crusher machine

The crushed straw can also be bundled with a baling and wrapping machine, which reduces the storage space of the straw. Wit round shape, it is convenient for transportation, and can generally be stored for a long time.