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Last week, a customer in Senegal successfully purchased 4 sets of electric peanut picker machines! The customer bought the equipment mainly for local sales.

What are the reasons for customer purchase electric peanut picker machines?

Senegalese middlemen in Dakar, a private limited company, specializes in importing agricultural machinery and selling it locally. They have an extensive network of customers in the region and are committed to providing high quality agricultural equipment to meet the needs of farmers.

Peanut harvesting machine parameters

In the beginning, the customer needed 2 electric peanut picker machines. After learning more about our equipment, the customer decided to increase the order quantity to four. They are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of our products and believe that by increasing the number of machines they can improve production efficiency and meet the needs of more customers.

How did customers pay for the electric peanut picker machine?

The customer has paid 80% of the deposit and provided the payment certificate. This shows the customer’s confidence and sincerity in our electric peanut picker machine. In order to ensure the rights and interests of both parties, we agree to pay the final payment before delivery.

Customer’s delivery requirements for peanut picking machine

The customer has certain requirements for the delivery time, hoping that the peanut picker can be transported to Qingdao port in about 15 days. We started to prepare the electric peanut picker machine as soon as we received the deposit from the customer.