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We sold 5 rice threshers with model TZ-50 to Nigeria. In addition, the customer ordered 3 different screens for threshing wheat, rice, and soybeans. The hourly output of this machine is 400-700kg. We sent the machine to the customer within seven days of receiving the deposit. After receiving the machine, the customer said that it was used in time. The output just meets their needs. The customer stated that he would like to buy a rice milling unit in the next step so that the threshed rice can be milled, and the rice has more economic value.

Rice Thresher Sold To Nigeria
Rice Thresher Sold To Nigeria

The Application of Multifunctional Rice Thresher

It is widely used in the threshing of crops. It can thresher rice, wheat, corn, soybean, rape, and other crops in a wide range of areas.

Some Tips for Buying Rice Thresher

Check the Quality Problems of Rice Thresher

When buying a rice and wheat thresher, its quality is often the most important to us. Therefore, we must first consider the quality of the machine. For example, by checking whether the welding parts inside and outside the machine are loose or weak and whether the parts are deformation, breakage, damage, etc. Check whether the bolts at each connection part of the machine are installed intact, whether each transmission wheel, tensioning wheel, and each wheel end fixed nut and wheel inner key pin is installed complete and secure. Check the anti-rust paint on each part of the machine whether it is uniform and smooth, whether there are peeling and severe scratches, whether the machine is rusted due to poor paint quality. Rotate the threshing drum and other moving parts to check for jams and collisions, and whether the operation is stable and flexible, whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing, etc. You should judge the production quality of the rice and wheat plot thresher.

Qualification of Rice and Wheat Thresher

Generally speaking, the quality of the rice thresher machine produced by powerful enterprises is relatively guaranteed. We, Taizy agriculture-machinery, has been focusing on the agricultural machine for decades. We sell a wide variety of agricultural machinery with high quality and are highly trusted by international customers. Therefore, when purchasing, you can first determine our best-selling model among you want purchased machine. The principle of selection can be to start with the best selling products. This is because the exported models generally have higher quality.

Inspection Machine after Purchased the Rice Thresher

If you have selected a rice thresher machine, after receiving the machine, you should first open the random manual, open the accessory box, and carefully verify that the supplied accessories are complete and intact. If you have any questions, please contact the sales manager on time. Secondly, in order to ensure that the purchased rice thresher can work normally, it is also necessary to conduct trial operation and trial threshing before it is officially put into operation. At the same time, in the process of trial operation and trial threshing, carefully observe the working conditions of each part. If the problem is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection in time. If it is a product quality problem, contact the manufacturer through the sales unit. If the quality is still not up to your request, it should be replaced or returned.