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If you have grits making machine, it is better to know the following things so that you can use machine smoothly.

Grits Making Machine
Grits Making Machine

How to adjust grits making machine?

  1. The main shaft and the screen frame should be concentric. Remove the corn feeding hopper and the peeled corn outlet. Take out the screen frame and the roller, and measure whether the distance between the main shaft and the inner circumference of the roller bracket is same.
  2. After installing the motor and power, if there are deviations, you should adjust it to ensure that the deviation of the spindle does not exceed the normal range under working conditions.
  3. Turn the pulley by hand before working, and there should be no jamming. Tighten the runners with a wrench again to prevent loosening. It is forbidden to have serious vibrations during operation.
  4. After closing the feeding inlet, you should adjust the feeding handwheel. Meanwhile, adjust the pressure of the outlet baffle accordingly to make the corn reach the required precision.
  5. The end of the screen mesh wears faster, and it can be adjusted back and forth to extend the service life.
  6. Frequently check whether the bearing is overheated and whether the grits making machine is operating normally. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop the corn grinding machine immediately.
  7. When the iron roller is seriously worn, you should replace it in time to avoid affecting the output and quality.

7. Corn grinding machine should work at the specified speed.

8.You should tighten the transmission belt. If the belt is too loose, which will cause the slippage, affecting the output and quality.

9.The motor voltage should be stable.

How to adjust the fineness of peeled corn?

The fineness of the corn after peeling is determined by the pressure of spring that can be adjusted by the hand wheel at the end of the spring. The user can properly adjust the spring handwheel according to the actual situation so that the outlet pressure is reduced or increased. When using the grits making machine, you shall pay attention to turning the air volume adjustment handle. If the wind force is too strong, corn kernels will be sucked into the bran. If the wind force is too weak, the finished corn will contain bran. The wind volume is an important factor to ensure the complete separation of corn peel and grinding corn.