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At the end of last month, a customer from Senegal bought a groundnut picker machine from our company. They expressed their high satisfaction with the machine’s high efficiency, intelligent operation, and reliability.

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Agricultural Situation and Customers’ Needs

Agriculture in Senegal is the backbone of the country’s economy, and peanuts in particular are one of the main agricultural products. However, the traditional way of picking has become more and more difficult due to the high labor cost and low efficiency of the picking process.

Agriculture is vibrant in Senegal, but the traditional peanut picking method can no longer meet the market demand due to labor shortage. To solve this problem, a company engaged in the retailing of peanut food has recently purchased our latest groundnut picker for sale.

Groundnut Picker Machine Advantages

The following series of advantages become the essential reasons for customers to choose our company’s peanut picking machine.

  • Adjustability: The machine has adjustable parameters to accommodate different varieties and growth stages of peanuts, providing a more flexible production solution.
  • Labor and Time Saving: Automating the fruit-picking process, reduces the burden of labor and makes agricultural production easier.
  • Durable and Reliable: The equipment is made of high-quality materials, which ensures reliable operation for a long time and reduces maintenance costs.

We have an efficient and professional service team with a wealth of experience ready to support you. Whatever your challenges, feel free to contact us and our team will respond quickly to ensure that your agricultural production is always running smoothly.