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Congratulations! An American customer bought a high-capacity peanut shelling machine from us.
We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery. We have been exporting agricultural machines since our establishment. Now we have customers all over the country. And many customers say they are satisfied with the machine. We produce various models of peanut shelling machines. In addition to small household peanut shelling machines, we also have large production peanut shelling units. The large peanut shelling unit can be mainly composed of two parts: the cleaning machine and the shelling machine.

High Capacity Peanut Shelling Machine
High Capacity Peanut Shelling Machine

Detailed information on peanut shelling machine order

How did the customer contact us?

We have a professional agricultural machines website with our contact information in the navigation bar on the home page. And in the lower part of the website, including email, WhatsApp, tell, and WeChat. After browsing our website, the customer sent us an inquiry via WhatsApp.

The communication process

Our sales manager greeted the customer immediately after receiving the message from him. We sent pictures and videos of the peanut sheller to the customer. Through continued communication, we learned that the customer was an end user. He needed a large output peanut sheller to process peanuts. And the processed peanuts were sold directly to supermarkets and other grain mills. We first recommended the peanut shelling unit model 6BHX-3500 to the customer. The output of this unit is 1500-2200kg/h. The customer indicated that the output of this machine meets the requirements. We then provided the PI to the customer. And then the customer asked and compared the humidity and output of peanuts that the machine could handle. Then our sales manager provided a professional explanation. After helping the customer to clarify these issues, the customer decided to place an order.

Payment and shipping

We support multiple payment methods, and the customer chose to pay 60% as a deposit in advance. 40% as balance paid before delivery. After we received the deposit, we immediately prepared the machine. The customer will pay the rest of the amount after it is done. Then we contact the forwarding company to ship the machine to Tema port.

Questions from customers involved in Peanut Sheller Machine order

1. What is the capacity of the 6BHX-3500 model peanut shell remover?

It is 1500-2200kg/h.

2. What is the machine’s packing size?

The packing size is about 7.5CBM.

3. What’s the cleaning machine’s function?

It can also remove the stone, peanut leaves, dust, and other impurities.

4. How long does it take to get from China to the Tema port?

The voyage will take about 50-60days.

5. Do I need to replace the screen?

The peanut sheller machine has 3 pcs screens, so do not need.

6. What is the humidity of the peanuts the machine needs to process?

About 13-14%. Normally, after the peanuts are harvested from the soil, they can be dried in the sun for about 2-3 days.

7. There are many certifications for the peanut shelling machine?

We have CE certificates, if you need them, we will provide them to you.

Detailed specifications of large output peanut shelling machine

Capacity(kg/h)Shelling rate %Breakage rate %Loss rate
Working humidity %Motor PowerWeight (kg)Machine size
6.3<=122Level 4kw / 6level  5.5kw1000 2500*1200*2450

Why choose Taizy commercial peanut sheller?

  1. We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery. We have a professional team to research and manufacture peanut shell removing machines. And we use high-quality materials to make them. The machines produced have a long service life and good working effect.
  2. We answer all the questions of our customers patiently and carefully. During the communication with customers, customers raised more questions about the machine’s output and the humidity of peanuts. And our sales manager answered them meticulously and timely.
  3. After-sales service. No matter what the machine is, we will give customers a year of free after-sales service.
  4. Real and not exaggerated. We will provide customers with the real machine parameters, such as machine output, shelling rate, crushing rate, etc.
  5. Complete certificates. Most of our agricultural machines have CE certificates.